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ANNOUNCEMENTS So....Whats happening?

Hello guys,
Early this morning my account got hacked via unknown menu.
Everything is fine but i want to clear up some stuff.

The supposedly 'hacker' tried promoting one of his shops.
He did this by emailing all 7000+ users saying that he will give you a license for $6.
We never sell licenses externally on other platforms, all deals are done via our own platform.
He wasn't really smart by 'hacking' a website developer as i got his IP logged.
I am not going to do anything with it as his actions were not as harmless.
He obviously saw how many users we have and used it to his advantage.

I am working on adding layers and layers of protection to the website earlier, by blocking proxy IP addresses and ones from abandoned continents.

Thanks for all your support but i am fine,
he had a chance to alter my password but he didn't. That's why i see it as a harmless attack.

I will keep everyone updated on this.

P.S: Emailing is currently down due to the email he sent, unfortunately it reached all 7000+ users and there is nothing we can do.
Emailing will be up soon, new users can not validation their account.

Once again, thanks for the support guys!



Stupid hacker tbh, he probably is jealous of you guys and how well you're all doing, and by looking at his shop, well it's not going great :D

Keep it up!


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