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Need some help.

I know that a lot of you are probably wondering where the update to the menu is and its coming along and its going well, i am taking my time this time because i want to perfect it and not mess up like before and not have a bunch of bugs. it is being worked on and is going good, there is no eta still but just know its going good.

Now for the thing i need help with, i was banned on csgo today(one of my favorite games) and i play it all the time, the reason i was banned was because my main account which i started playing cs on when i was bout 12 or 13 i got banned on for cheating cuz i was messing around with cheats back when i didnt care for the game, skip about a year later and i started playing csgo legit. i started a new account in late 2017 and i started playing a legit player and had a clean slate, i started to enjoy the game and ive had the account for about 3 years now, today i tried to help my friend by letting him use some of my games on my main account i was banned on csgo on and i had to authorize his account and link it to mine for him to be able to use my games. i went ahead and gave him access but accidentally linked my main account(the one i was already banned on) to my new account that i started in 2017 and had been playing on ever since and when i got home i went to play some csgo on my account and i was banned. i literally got banned all because i linked my account that i had cheated on years ago to my current one that i have never cheated on, in the process i lost about 500$ in skins. I know this is a lot to ask right now but if you guys could help me out and send any money my way feel free to here https://www.paypal.me/zobart if not dont stress it and it will not affect anything towards you guys it will simply just help me out. thanks guys.


Is the menu gonna have any name change option? Also you should try and do every other day updates on the menu status just so we can stay up date if that is possible. If not don't stress I can't wait till the menu is back up and I can start enjoying GTA V a little more like before. P.S if every other day updates isn't possible a weekly would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate what you guys are doing.
Man sorry to hear about the CSGO situation. Had the same thing happen to me but in Dota2. Literally quit the game after that.


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