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ANNOUNCEMENTS Legendary User Purchase & New GTA Update

First of all the legendary user purchases have been shut off because of issues on the admin side. Second of all i know a lot of you probably have a lot of questions but i can tell you that the menu is going great and will be done soon enough, i am going to wait for the gta udpate so i can see what was added and removed and what has changed so i can release a full good menu without issues.


im sure ads on the site generate revenue for them. costs money for them to run this site so only makes sense.
yeah that would make sense if they were running a free menu, it costs 20 usd to get ultimate lifetime and if there are 9500 members (this may be paid and unpaid members, i wouldnt know) then they have already made a fair bit of money. So ads make them a little bit of money on the side, whereas the main thing that brings them money is their menu for sale


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