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Account Upgrading Updated

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As a lot of you have noticed account upgrades have been updated.
You will notice you have a choice who you want to contribute your money too.
It does not matter who you pick, you still get Unknown Menu so do not worry about that.

You will see that there is very small descriptions for each of us.

Clipz - Website Developer.
Grupz - Legendary Memer.
Magz - Menu Developer.

We all have our very own roles, so here is a bit of detail of us:
Clipz - Develops the website and makes account upgrading, discord linking pretty much everything all possible by being the website developer.
Magz - Develops the menu, like being the website developer. But instead he develops the mod menu. Everything you use, everything you see is done by him.
Grupz - Not many people know him, he is how do i say this, the 'anonymous' member of the team. He is also a very popular memer ;)

So thats pretty much the information about us all.
So go ahead, pick who you would like to contribute to as...

Unknown Ultimate 1.3.8

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After the big detection and issues i have finally fixed the menu and it is now ready to use! download here http://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe

To view the changelog visit the main part of the site here https://unknownmenu.us/

ANNOUNCEMENTS Account Bans & My Statement

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As almost all of you know you have been banned from gta online, This started happening yesterday around 5 o'clock PM EST and has been going ever since, as of right now i do not know the issue and why this is happening some might say a ban wave and others may say its just detected but at this point i am just as clueless as the rest of you, i have some ideas roaming around in my head as to what is going on but honestly i really do not know for sure what is going on, i promised to keep you guys updated on the situation so that is what i am doing right now. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on the situation once i get more information.

My Statement
I have been running this service for a little over a year now, this project was started around December and produced on January 3rd of 2018 and it has been a long and fun run ever since. I am working at my best right now to figure out the issue and get it fixed and honestly i cannot reimburse every one of you as that...

ANNOUNCEMENTS New Website And Auth Improvement

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Hey everyone today @ClipzGFX and @brunph have started upgrading the site and auth! As you can tell the site looks way different and the menu is not working for you. You are getting the 214 error, the reason for this is because brunph is working on getting the new API and everything working with the site, very sorry about this but it will be up as soon as possible (hopefully by tonight or tomorrow!)