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ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu Official Halloween Contest

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Halloween Contest
Welcome to the first official Unknown Menu Halloween Contest.
This year we will be hosting a contest to get all members involved and win some prizes!

How to enter the Halloween Contest & What is your objective?

This year your objective is to create a Halloween themed design using MS (MicroSoft) Paint.
The best designs made using MS Paint will win some special treats.
There will be 3 winners within this competition and there will be 3 prizes to be won for each winner coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Your theme is to create a haunted house featuring some scary drawings.

Prizes to be won...​

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu V3 & Halloween Sale Information

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Hello Everyone.
Some great news!
Unknown Menu V3 is currently within the works and will be scheduled for release November 2019.
Notice: If you currently own Unknown Menu / Ultimate Lifetime you do not need to pre-order the brand new version!
The pre-order is only if you would like to purchase the brand new menu before anyone else.
Unknown Menu V3 will feature a brand new base giving Unknown Menu users the best experience they have ever had.
We have hit some rough bumps due to reasons on @Magz end, but Unknown Menu is getting back to work.

Halloween Sale 2019
  • Legendary Purchases are now 50% OFF!
  • Grab the...

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu Update

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Discord server is currently white listed. Meaning in order to gain access you will need to submit a support ticket. Thanks
Message from Magz via the announcements channel on discord:

i know its been quite a while, almost a month, ive taken this past month of time to rethink a lot of things in live and make changes for the better. I knew if i kept working on the menu non stop like i was i would just be putting out a shitty product like i was and killing my mental state, i noticed myself going into a bad place and i knew if i kept down the path i was on i would end up not only fucking my own life up but also my users, as much as i fuck around and am an asshole to a lot of people i love and thank all of you for the support on everything you guys have defined the past 2 years of my life and i couldnt ask for a better community, i also needed time to...

ANNOUNCEMENTS Brand new menu release. Important Announcement!

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The brand new menu is released but we advise you to be cautious when going in online.
A lot of menus are getting users banned so please be cautious when going in online mode.

All purchases are back on including legendary.
Any other questions please contact our support department.

Unknown Menu Support Applications

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As part of Unknown Menu we deal with a lot of support.
Currently we have 2 support staff members but as the user base is growing to almost 10,000 members we need some assistance.
We will be looking to recruit 2 more support members that are dedicated to working with us at Unknown Menu.
What will we be looking at?
  • Time and dedication.
  • Responding to support tickets.
  • Helping users and answering questions via the Shout box.
If you feel like you are able to proceed with what we are asking for then you are eligible to submit your application.

How to submit your application and what we need from you:
  • We would like 200 + words explaining why you feel like you should be chosen as a support member.
  • Explain any past experiences you have had working as support on any other forums (if you have had this experience of course it does show that you have the skills in our eyes).
  • We will be making checks on your activity on Unknown Menu...

Unknown Ultimate 2.0.0

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After 2-3 months of work unknown 2.0 has been released and is ready to be used, we have also decided to take it back to the 80s-90s and revamped the site and the menu! (courtesy of clipz) read the changelog for more info about the new update please and enjoy :)

Download the launcher here if you do not already have it http://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe

ANNOUNCEMENTS Website Revamp Update

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as you can see the website has been revamped with a whole different style.

I felt like the old one was not as good and i could improve so i went ahead and revamped the websites style to this.
I did not just make this update just for its style but also for the features and back-end controls that are within this.

If you do not like the website being wide you can simply change it by hitting the toggle button right next too the alert icon in the top right corner.
This option is called container fluid and will stretch the website to fit the screen like it is now (default) or make the width like the old website.

You may notice i update some of the staffs username styles and also the CSS for the Ultimate users which was not a large change only a small one to lower its font-size and text shadow.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see added to the website then please let me know.
Will be working on improving this a lot as it's currently in it's early...

The Countdown Timer

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Clipz put the timer on the site under the impression that i would be done by then, and i am almost done but the launcher is not done, as many of you may not know the launcher is a big part of our menu and i would like to release you guys the menu with the new launcher so in that case the menu will not be released in 4 hours, im sorry but its for the better, it wont take another month it wont take much longer but i will let you guy sknow when its done, it should only take a few days. thanks

ANNOUNCEMENTS Legendary User Purchase & New GTA Update

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First of all the legendary user purchases have been shut off because of issues on the admin side. Second of all i know a lot of you probably have a lot of questions but i can tell you that the menu is going great and will be done soon enough, i am going to wait for the gta udpate so i can see what was added and removed and what has changed so i can release a full good menu without issues.

Need some help.

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I know that a lot of you are probably wondering where the update to the menu is and its coming along and its going well, i am taking my time this time because i want to perfect it and not mess up like before and not have a bunch of bugs. it is being worked on and is going good, there is no eta still but just know its going good.

Now for the thing i need help with, i was banned on csgo today(one of my favorite games) and i play it all the time, the reason i was banned was because my main account which i started playing cs on when i was bout 12 or 13 i got banned on for cheating cuz i was messing around with cheats back when i didnt care for the game, skip about a year later and i started playing csgo legit. i started a new account in late 2017 and i started playing a legit player and had a clean slate, i started to enjoy the game and ive had the account for about 3 years now, today i tried to help my friend by letting him use some of my games on my main account i was banned on csgo...

Important Announcement (PLEASE READ)

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Recently as all of you should be aware, the menu was detected and the auth was shut down to prevent users from being banned. It turns out the detection was a larger issue than we had anticipated. Not going into much depth to keep things simple but basically the way that the menu interacts with the game has been detected and Rockstar is using pattern matching to ban users who have used the menu. This issue requires a complete remake of the menu from scratch and will take some time. Magz is under a lot of pressure at the moment as you can imagine with this and he needs all the time he can get to work through this.

For everyone who uses the menu this may not be pleasant news but I ask for you to have some respect for the stress that Magz is under to get this right. There are over 4000 paid users and so its a big deal when something like this happens and we want to make sure that Unknown is perfect when it is updated and undetected, Unknown was built to be an affordable menu for GTA...

Auth Status Offline

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The auth has been turned off until the issue regarding the current ban reports is resolved.
The Purchases for the menu have also been turned of as well.

Everything is being reviewed :)


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Thanks to the people that wished me a happy birthday, i will be taking a break for today and spending time with friends and family. i know this is a terrible time to take off but its only for the day. thanks everyone :)

Bans with unknown. again....

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once again people using unknown are getting banned and its because of stealth, the stealth was detected a while ago and i didnt remove it for a bit as i didnt know it was detected, once it was detected i ended up removing it but the people from back then that used the menu are getting banned now. i know this sucks and i know its unfortunate and for the past few weeks ive been working on a whole new menu, still will be unknown and all of you will have access to it its just im still working on it, will be done soon. very sorry about this, you mod at your own risk when using the menu or really any menu at all.

Discord Server Terminated

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The official discord server has been terminated.
People think that reporting it makes us care, but it really doesn't xD.
Its a usual thing with Unknown Menu. We have been terminated so many times we really don't care.
It actually makes things easier for us, but we open it to provide support to users quicker and build a community on discords platform.
So yea.

Once one of our servers get deleted we don't bother opening another one for a while.
But we will see if we will again.

Anyway cya :)

Unknown Ultimate 1.4.1

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Finally fixed the bug of other players online not showing which happened back in 1.3.9, issue is fixed now and you can download here http://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe if you have already downloaded the launcher just press update.

Brand new forum subscriptions

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We have now introduced a forum based subscription.
This subscription is mainly aimed towards the people who wanna sell products or just pimp up their username/profile!
Click here if you would like to purchase the Legendary Subscription.
  • Gold sparkly username.
  • Access to the trusted seller marketplace that allows you to post threads etc.
  • Future access to private forums :evil:
  • Stand out to the crowd with your amazing username.
This does not give you access to Unknown Menu before anyone asks!

Purchase Bulk Unknown Menu Licenses

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Some of you may have noticed that we added 2 new things to the account upgrades section.
These are:
  • 2x Unknown Menu Licenses.
  • 3x Unknown Menu Licenses.
These allow you to use Unknown Menu on multiple devices without having to have a HWID reset back and forth.
We offer the multiple licenses at a fair price.

Instead of buying 2x normal Unknown Menu licenses for $40 you can get it for $38, or even 3x licenses for $60 you can get that for $55.
You can use your licenses to your own use. There is no restrictions on what you do with the extra licenses.

If you have any questions then comment on this thread.

Clipz :smile1:

ANNOUNCEMENTS So....Whats happening?

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Hello guys,
Early this morning my account got hacked via unknown menu.
Everything is fine but i want to clear up some stuff.

The supposedly 'hacker' tried promoting one of his shops.
He did this by emailing all 7000+ users saying that he will give you a license for $6.
We never sell licenses externally on other platforms, all deals are done via our own platform.
He wasn't really smart by 'hacking' a website developer as i got his IP logged.
I am not going to do anything with it as his actions were not as harmless.
He obviously saw how many users we have and used it to his advantage.

I am working on adding layers and layers of protection to the website earlier, by blocking proxy IP addresses and ones from abandoned continents.

Thanks for all your support but i am fine,
he had a chance to alter my password but he didn't. That's why i see it as a harmless attack.

I will keep everyone updated on this.

P.S: Emailing is currently down due to the email he sent...

Account Upgrading Updated

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As a lot of you have noticed account upgrades have been updated.
You will notice you have a choice who you want to contribute your money too.
It does not matter who you pick, you still get Unknown Menu so do not worry about that.

You will see that there is very small descriptions for each of us.

Clipz - Website Developer.
Grupz - Legendary Memer.
Magz - Menu Developer.

We all have our very own roles, so here is a bit of detail of us:
Clipz - Develops the website and makes account upgrading, discord linking pretty much everything all possible by being the website developer.
Magz - Develops the menu, like being the website developer. But instead he develops the mod menu. Everything you use, everything you see is done by him.
Grupz - Not many people know him, he is how do i say this, the 'anonymous' member of the team. He is also a very popular memer ;)

So thats pretty much the information about us all.
So go ahead, pick who you would like to contribute to as...