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ANNOUNCEMENTS How to get the launcher working again.

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Yesterday a lot of users could not get the launcher to work and would have the remote server connection errors.
The issue is now fixed but the only way to have it fixed for all users is by re-downloading the launcher again.

Please visit: https://unknownmenu.us/index/pages/unknown-menu-download/
From here you will be able to download the launcher again.
The new version of the menu is still in development, it is not a small update so please be patient whilst we get this near to its release.
Obviously the worst thing to do is rush the new update.

If you require to join our discord server please make a ticket within the suitable department.

PS: The Legendary subscription is no longer available to be purchased. If you wish to purchase Godly please visit here:

Same perks as legendary just a different style.

Thank you.

Unknowns 2 Year Anniversary

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I started unknown as just a fun project to keep myself busy when i was 14 and i never thought itd get to where it is today, i know nobody wants to hear some sob story piece of shit but i am so grateful to have my dream become a reality, with the help of @ClipzGFX @Jadi @brunph and all of you i have been able to build a community, a sanctuary, a family, and i could never ask for anything more, im so glad to be able to sit here day to day providing a service for all of you and keep you all safe in gta online. Unknown has had its mishaps but it always comes back from its issues 10x better than it did last time. As im writing this i am crying lmfao im such a bitch but thank you all for making that 14 year olds dream become a reality and giving me somewhere to escape to and more than anything, thank you for giving me a family, i love you all and i hope you are all enjoying the new version that i released earlier today.

Unknown Menu | Crashing is in progress of being fixed.

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Hello Everyone!

It's been a busy week, as some of you know if you are in the official discord server Unknown Menu will be getting a brand new forum.
This is jam-packed with better security and features, and it's a lot more professional for the future of Unknown.
Recently Unknown Menu 3.0.1 got released.
As most of you know this was a release to fix the recent detection issues regarding Rockstar Games Launcher update which detects files within the directory that isn't supposed to be there.

Very recently we have seen that crashing has been a big problem with people entering GTA V Online.
The problem regarding crashing is being solved and we hope to release the updated version very soon.
Of course, if you join our server you can get up-to-date announcements with the development progress.

What does "Account Suspended" mean on the website?
  • This is simply a notification of our hosting provider going down.
  • This has nothing to do with your...

Unknown Menu | News featuring Crashes & Money Options (Recovery etc)

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Hello Everyone!

We hope you are having fun with Unknown Menu V3, but it's gonna get a lot better.
There has been a lot of discussion regarding us not adding Recovery options / Money options.
Here is the reason,
The current release is the exact same as Version 2 but it has just been developed to perform better in better scenarios and have more relevant options.
We released this version to not have any of our users wait any longer, this means the whole time we have had a brand new menu being developed.
This will have everything you would wish for in a GTA V menu.

The reason we haven't added money options into this menu is that we care about the safety of our users when it comes to modding.
Unlike other Menu businesses who will release a version with detectable options we actually evaluate if these will become a huge risk to users modding on GTA V.

The new menu will feature options that will overtake anything we have ever done.

We have also found the fix to the...

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu V3 ~ News about the current development and release.

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day, as you know Unknown Menu V3 has been in development for a while now and we are finally near the stage to release it.
The release of Unknown Menu V3 will be approaching for a scheduled release just before the end of November.
As promised we will not delay the menu anymore and we will be releasing this month as said.

If you are yet to join our discord server via the White List then you will see we released an image of the Unknown Menu V3.
You may check it out here:

Since we will be approaching the Christmas Season we have updated the menu UI to fit the cozy Xmas Theme.
The header was designed by me, so if you have any suggestions or improvements for the header then it's great to hear your thoughts.

Other than that we cannot wait to release Unknown Menu V3 to you guys.
Keep checking our live announcement feed via the...

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu | November News

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Hello everyone!
Unknown Menu is currently going under the development of the brand new stable version that all users will be able to access coming to the end of November.
We just want to say that development is going great and we will soon post more news regarding the menu, there haven't been any interesting updates hence why we haven't posted anything without posting any spoilers.

Regarding Discord Server support tickets, I just want to say sorry for a lot of tickets being left on 'Open', all tickets will now have a 48-hour wait until a response, from this point.

That's all for now!
- ClipzGFX

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu Official Halloween Contest

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Halloween Contest
Welcome to the first official Unknown Menu Halloween Contest.
This year we will be hosting a contest to get all members involved and win some prizes!

How to enter the Halloween Contest & What is your objective?

This year your objective is to create a Halloween themed design using MS (MicroSoft) Paint.
The best designs made using MS Paint will win some special treats.
There will be 3 winners within this competition and there will be 3 prizes to be won for each winner coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Your theme is to create a haunted house featuring some scary drawings.

Prizes to be won...​

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu V3 & Halloween Sale Information

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Hello Everyone.
Some great news!
Unknown Menu V3 is currently within the works and will be scheduled for release November 2019.
Notice: If you currently own Unknown Menu / Ultimate Lifetime you do not need to pre-order the brand new version!
The pre-order is only if you would like to purchase the brand new menu before anyone else.
Unknown Menu V3 will feature a brand new base giving Unknown Menu users the best experience they have ever had.
We have hit some rough bumps due to reasons on @Magz end, but Unknown Menu is getting back to work.

Halloween Sale 2019
  • Legendary Purchases are now 50% OFF!
  • Grab the...

ANNOUNCEMENTS Unknown Menu Update

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Discord server is currently white listed. Meaning in order to gain access you will need to submit a support ticket. Thanks
Message from Magz via the announcements channel on discord:

i know its been quite a while, almost a month, ive taken this past month of time to rethink a lot of things in live and make changes for the better. I knew if i kept working on the menu non stop like i was i would just be putting out a shitty product like i was and killing my mental state, i noticed myself going into a bad place and i knew if i kept down the path i was on i would end up not only fucking my own life up but also my users, as much as i fuck around and am an asshole to a lot of people i love and thank all of you for the support on everything you guys have defined the past 2 years of my life and i couldnt ask for a better community, i also needed time to...

ANNOUNCEMENTS Brand new menu release. Important Announcement!

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The brand new menu is released but we advise you to be cautious when going in online.
A lot of menus are getting users banned so please be cautious when going in online mode.

All purchases are back on including legendary.
Any other questions please contact our support department.

Unknown Menu Support Applications

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As part of Unknown Menu we deal with a lot of support.
Currently we have 2 support staff members but as the user base is growing to almost 10,000 members we need some assistance.
We will be looking to recruit 2 more support members that are dedicated to working with us at Unknown Menu.
What will we be looking at?
  • Time and dedication.
  • Responding to support tickets.
  • Helping users and answering questions via the Shout box.
If you feel like you are able to proceed with what we are asking for then you are eligible to submit your application.

How to submit your application and what we need from you:
  • We would like 200 + words explaining why you feel like you should be chosen as a support member.
  • Explain any past experiences you have had working as support on any other forums (if you have had this experience of course it does show that you have the skills in our eyes).
  • We will be making checks on your activity on Unknown Menu...

Unknown Ultimate 3.1.4

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This menu release is just to fix the auth issues and the singleplayer kick protection spamming notifications. The option works now and alsot he menu and servers are much faster now!

download here if you dont already have the launcher, if you do have the launcher simply click check for updates inside the menu page and it will automatically download the newest version! Enjoy!

Unknown Ultimate 3.1.3

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3.1.3 features many new options and is a very vital update to the menu, i hope all of you enjoy just click update on your launchers to get the update, if you havent downloaded the launcher download here https://unknownmenu.us/index/pages/unknown-menu-download/


Unknown Ultimate 3.0.3

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i have released the new version with recovery options you can just click update in your launchers to get the newest version or download it here if you dont already have the launcher https://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe


Unknown Ultimate 3.0.2

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This is a bug fix just to fix the crashing bug when loading into online, if you already have the launcher installed just click update on the menu version section, if you dont already have the launcher download it here https://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe

Unknown Ultimate 3.0.1

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Version 3.0.1 is a small update that fixes some minor bugs and works on 1.50!

If you dont already have the launcher download here https://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe, if you do have the launcher just click check for updates in the launcher update page.

Unknown Ultimate 3.0.0

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After many months of issues with the menu detection and stability we have finally finished unknown V3

This version is undetected and stable as of gta version 1.48 and will be updated further on.

If you already have the launcher or dont have it still download the new launcher and uninstall the old one

To uninstall the old launcher go to C:/ProgramFiles/UnknownUltimate/Uninstall Unknown

Download the new launcher here! https://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe

Unknown Ultimate 2.0.0

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After 2-3 months of work unknown 2.0 has been released and is ready to be used, we have also decided to take it back to the 80s-90s and revamped the site and the menu! (courtesy of clipz) read the changelog for more info about the new update please and enjoy :)

Download the launcher here if you do not already have it http://simpl.pw/unknown/launcher/UnknownInstaller.exe

ANNOUNCEMENTS Website Revamp Update

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as you can see the website has been revamped with a whole different style.

I felt like the old one was not as good and i could improve so i went ahead and revamped the websites style to this.
I did not just make this update just for its style but also for the features and back-end controls that are within this.

If you do not like the website being wide you can simply change it by hitting the toggle button right next too the alert icon in the top right corner.
This option is called container fluid and will stretch the website to fit the screen like it is now (default) or make the width like the old website.

You may notice i update some of the staffs username styles and also the CSS for the Ultimate users which was not a large change only a small one to lower its font-size and text shadow.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see added to the website then please let me know.
Will be working on improving this a lot as it's currently in it's early...

The Countdown Timer

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Clipz put the timer on the site under the impression that i would be done by then, and i am almost done but the launcher is not done, as many of you may not know the launcher is a big part of our menu and i would like to release you guys the menu with the new launcher so in that case the menu will not be released in 4 hours, im sorry but its for the better, it wont take another month it wont take much longer but i will let you guy sknow when its done, it should only take a few days. thanks