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Menu Features

Session Weather

Unknown provides the option to change the weather for the whole session. Did you miss the snow from december? Now you can bring it back.

Modder Protections

Ever had a modder messing with you in an online session? With unknown that wont happen, we provide top of the line protections for our users.

Outfit Editing

Ever wanted to edit your outfit but havent had the time to go from shop to shop? Unknown can provide you with an all in one outfit editor.

Custom Themes/Headers

Don't like the design of our menu? No problem you can load and use your own textures and photos and change the design of the menu.

Controller & Keyboard Support

Do you still use a controller instead of a keyboard? No problem, we support controllers and keyboards.

Network Options

Want to get some revenge on other modders? Our menu has the perfect options to get payback on modders and also help out your friends.

Remote Mods

Ever wanted to give your friends mods without actually modding? Unknown has the ability to give other players off the radar, neverwanted, and more to other players.

Remote Options

Unknown has amazing remote options for other players such as kick to singleplayer/session, crash player, give wanted level & more!

World Overseer

Ever wanted to make the gta world your own? With Unknown you can control the weather, gravity, time & more and make the world your own.


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